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Example log machining cylindering



Example of log timber




Framed building construction




Estate, including agro-tourism





"BaltRegion+" - log houses, bathhouses, timber, logistics, Belarus Grodno



1. Delivery of timber to an object diameter of 24 to 30cm.





2. Sanding the wood by hand



3. Calibration logs power planer REBIR



4. Polishing sander logs (different emery sheets). Here the canopy is required, protection from rain.




5. View logs after a "primary" grinding - finished polished timber.




6. Foundation for a bath and shed her prepared





7. Starts cutting log.




8. A log house is growing rapidly - Pererub.



9. Laying timber with an insulating material.





10. The logs are processed by means of protection - first, "Dr. 4" and then "Doctor-5"





11. 8 rims log.



12. The quality of calibration and polishing on wooden house.



13. Well, "included" corners, as well as see the "work" means of protection - there is no "blue."



14. The tent protects the timber from the rain - for polishing.



15. 9 crowns log - view from the back side.



16. Planned type bath with a canopy.




17. Install furring.




18. Preparing the foundation for a canopy of beams for cars.




19. Kickoff rafters.




20. Polished boards overhang, a means of treated and colorless drevohronom - stacked in a tent




21. Ready crate bath with a canopy.




22. Type of sheathing from the inside and the "open" canopy.




23. Import cane roofing.




24. The first bundles of reeds on the roof - will be 30cm thick. This roof insulation is not necessary (it is very warm), the roof "breathes", gutters are not required nepozharoopasna - the effect of "pressure-books", and 50-year warranty.




25. Reed covered (thickness 30 cm)




26. Furnace steel in a bath




27. Carport










28. Carport, covered katapalom, ready




29. Bath and is painted finishing




30. In the main house of the complex designed interior design


We offer our one object - a house of logs on hand harvesting in Porec







Arbour manual felling




Please note that we do share, which the cost of the manual log cabin is the cheapest compared to other wooden houses - an average of 300 euros per 1 m (not including forest-resources).

To export up to 400 euro for 1m3.