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1. Import log to an assembly plant (before it was a "control" assembly) - the weight of 22cm diam.brevna 10tn baths, log size 3,5 x4, 0 on the axes.



2. The set includes a truss system (rafters and purlins).



3. Set the framework.



4. A log house built without roof system.


A log house is made for the joint production of the project the customer - is the control assembly in the shop.

Add more information on the time value of log cabins homes:

House 6x7 meters cottage with a loft-type m3 28.96 - the cost of 1 m3 of product diam.200mm - 350 EURO (for 01.02.2013) .. If the house is in diameter. logs 220-240mm, then the cost of 1 m3 of logs in the product is 380 EURO diam.220mm and 410 euros for diam.240m and more .. Assembling ext. 30% of the log (or the customer, with skill, collects himself) ..

We are able to supply frames of "Arkhangelsk pine", cedar or larch diam.260-280mm (optional).

For export - on average, to 350 euros per 1 m3 of product (see above) and a set of log homes can be formed with other related materials (truss system, floor beams, etc.).

A further example of round bath in the machine timber:



5. Import baths on site assembly



6. Isover is not used, and jute



7. The width of jute 12cm, 5mm thickness to diameter logs. 220mm



8. Start building




9. Internal Washing



10. A log house is ready

We offer one more example of a two-story log house bath loft-style in d.Novaya Ore, with a balcony and a large awning for barbecues. Bath covered with engobe, ceramic tiles (autumn leaves).



Currently, the house is being built d.Privalka of logs diam.240mm (sketch enclosed), the actual shape of which will be shown later.



Sketch of project




The foundation is ready to "rough" ties, including and septic



Import, unloading first part ("Cage") of the house - about 20-24 cubic meters. - This is a machine 20 tons. If the house is 60-65 cubic meters. It will be 3 cars with an interval of 10-15 days




Laying Isover (insulation mezhventsovym) longitudinal groove




Assembling the first "Cages"






Assembling the second "Cages"






Assembling the third "Cages"







Oven on the terrace of "recreational"





Installing roof system












Log cabin painted walnut





Supply of houses in Poland, in Masuria