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An example of a "manual logging" log of logs



Example log machining cylindering




Example of log timber




Framed building construction





"BaltRegion+" - log houses, bathhouses, timber, logistics, Belarus Grodno

Pursuing a wooden construction, we build complex structures - an estate, including agro-tourism.

These estates, according to the customer, we place playing sports - the site (under the tennis, basketball, volleyball, mini football, including the combined area of ​​all or certain types of games), swimming pools, sheds and other structures.

We carry out all the landscaping. Develop (for agro-tourism), guided tours, arrange exhibits and make appropriate interior. We have experience in this field.

At present, the estate is under construction in the Grodno region, on the shore r.Nemana that and will show as an example. Below is a schematic plan, the overall design, the elements of the fence edging boards and sketches the general form of housing and guest houses.






Land planned, prepared foundations




The foundation is on-drilled "glasses" - 2-meter (in fact, on stilts), between the "cups" dug strip foundations



Manor will be written in a beautiful local landscape, including to the marina and boat




The bases are ready



Bearing walls were necessary to order



Pier and boat arrived, the boat (2 cabins, etc.)




First, lower frame of the crowns of larch, pine rest



Floor beams




Frame house with a truss system and is lined with OSB



Fence edging boards and bollards at the entrance of stone




Install roof




In frame houses convenient to plumbing and electrical. layout on the plywood, and then it closes plasterboard




Facade of house with balcony







It will bake in the guest house



It will bake in the main house





The planned internal design of the guest house










Good luck!