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This type of log is designed to give the house a beautiful exterior and interior appearance and to reduce the cost of the object.

Glued laminated timber, we do not consider, because its value (which is the only bar) is 450 euros per 1m3. It's expensive, but wishing to have such a framework, an opportunity is provided.

This house is not subject to shrinkage, can lead sruzu all the work is, of course, well-construction.

Simple beam, we also chop, as in manual cutting, but offer two options: In the first case, you can just "hack" frame of wet timber (we use timber 240h200 mm - very warm), chamfered to look smart, like chopped, put by Nagel - frame sits on the foundation then.

We produce timber, process it by means of protection, we shift to the gasket, cover and dry the natural way for several months - turns out good material - 25-30% humidity. Next, chop frame to the foundation, but a framework of external air temperature difference between cracks over time. Typically, these so-called manufacturers of log houses in our city to leave to this building.

We believe they should be shut down the outside of the glass-sheet, at the junction of the decorative board "under the bar" and outwardly from timber frame will look like a medieval fahveyrk. Inside the frame will not crack. We grind it, process it and beautifully shiny.

If desired, further inside the house used design elements - insertion of tiles (broken stone) and others. Over this frame you can rely that it will bring joy to the customer.

The cost of such a log house in the product - up to 350 EUR. per 1 m3 (the assembly), and the work we believe, for the convenience of the customer-EUR 50 m2 wall carcass (minus gaps).

As a rule, we continue to set the truss system, etc.

Currently, manufactured homes of this type of timber in Zaritse-4 and Korobchitsah (preliminary design Zaritsy-4 is attached below), which will be shown below, for example, the photo in its natural form.




The foundation is ready



1st crown log





Crowns log



After the ceiling beams rising 2nd Floor