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Now, details:

There are three main types of wood frame housing:

Type 1 is used in Russia and at us - in Minsk - the so-called "double milled board"


Quite simply, it's flooring (with tongue-groove "lock"), in the middle of these boards is placed insulation "Paroc" and all the "wiring" water, electricity, etc.

The house is built quickly, a couple of weeks, as the designer, the project prepared in advance, the boards are numbered. These homes are available for export, including Spain, Germany.



Disadvantage - a significant cost.

2nd and 3rd type - a "framework" for U.S. and Canadian technology, which is similar to the European technology "fahveyerkogo" construction. In Europe, these homes are in the Middle Ages - a warm and unique. Most homes in the North American continent built on this type of construction.

However, in Sweden and Norway as well.

"American" technology frame construction withstands the construction of a reliance on vertical panels, and at the "Canadian" a little differently. The European technology is timber skeleton house.

Demonstrating a house built in d.Salate Grodno district on the "European" technology (let's call it so):


1. "The skeleton" of beams on the foundation.




2. Grows a "skeleton".




3. Rafters.




4. Flooring and plywood for the walls.



5. Crate.




6. Insulation.




7. Roofing




8. Finish




9. Ready house from the outside.




10. The house inside




11. The finished version.




Demonstrate the construction of houses using Canadian technology (from the boards):



1. Frame.



2. Gun with nails (GUN).




3. 2nd Floor.




4. Support beam.




5. House outside.



6. Layout on the floors.




7. House for 8 days.






Now summarize. We have found from experience, to further reduce the cost of "frame" at home and use of new technologies and materials, a simple "frame sandwich."

The cost of the total area of ​​1m2 ("before final finishing" - the base, decorated the facade, roof and windows inserted) to 3000000rub.

"The skeleton" of beams and planks - sill of Siberian larch and corners, else - ordinary timbers and boards. Insulation rockwool inside the frame (eco-friendly) - 150mm. Wiring inside the frame, which is impossible in any other form of construction.

In particular, if desired - air heating - Ducted (already tested and certified in the Republic of Belarus). Inside frame upholstered plywood (plywood made of the necessary wiring, cables, etc.), followed by profiles, which are fastened drywall.

Outside, we knocked frame steklomagnezitovym sheet thickness from 12 to 20 mm, to choose from - sheet - 2.9 m2 is in Grodno, on average, 80,000 rubles. It is an environmentally bening material, very strong, water-resistant, flexible and . At will and in coordination with the customer it is possible to upholster outside a skeleton with plate water-resistant 12, then 2 a dense heater and a necessary decor.. Furnish of the bottom part of the house by a cold-resistant tile. The leaf or "is embroidered" by a decor of a bar, or and painting.

This "sandwich" is very warm as the thermos is equal to 2 meter bricklaying. In practice, we heated such house a fireplace with "passive" air heating pair fire wood in winter 22gr. Heat. In the absence of gas or other heating systems, heated with "fire" in a special layout of heat through air ducts. One chimney is possible to "plant" a fireplace, stove in the kitchen stove and sauna.




We have built several such buildings, including the manor for agritourism.

Currently we are building and can show several such buildings, including the house in Porec to show (the sketch shown above, below, in the process - we will show pictures of him), but also can show the construction of a large house - 2-story frame building "American style". Show is free.

These houses are cheap, relatively clean and very warm. It should also be noted that some customers - from the outside add a half-brick wall - but it is more expensive. Here, in Belarus, is polyurethane slab embedded in them, tiles, clinker (under pressure) - the cost of such plates 180 000 rubles.

per 1 m2 (a very warm and requires no external decoration, the house looks like from the clinker brick, solidly, but, again, more expensive and at the discretion of the customer).

4th version of a frame house - sandwich panel - finished.

That is, we shall construct a sandwich on the ground, and produce it in a workshop at the factory.

An example of working hard:

Disadvantage - a significant cost, look how many materials. Inability to change the "skeleton" of the house to "run" facilities.

Example - a plant - the line runs on Grodnozhilstroe. This home has not found the consumer.

Conclusion - no need to reinvent the wheel, and learn from America and Old Europe - are frame houses from the 14th century, the analogy is simple and applicable at this time. Our "sandwich" the easiest, most affordable, proven and warm.

Thus, we propose sequential demonstrative photos of ongoing construction projects of houses "frame type (see also" button "for agro-estates).



Lumber on the site, near the lake (d.Poreche) are prepared, processed and remedies passed on to the pads